A proposal for a ********** Residency by Wolfgang Fuchs

Preface/Assumptions __________

The soundartist Ana Clara Barbosa Martinez spent about three years in the semi-outback northwest of Rio de Janeiro before her disappearance in 2016. She was immensely driven by the power of the environment, by the beauty of the raw and the intensity of the surrounding. All in a cultural sandwich between the forests and the ups and downs of rural industry. She spent quite a lot of her time open-air to experience the equilibrium surrounding her. Although her individual collapse - many facts about her are still in the dark - marked an end point of a unique era of soundarts in Latin America, the importance of Barbosa Martinez's heritage stays and even grows these days. Think of e.g. how she blurred the borders between artificial and natural sounds with her lo-fi configurations and installations, how she influenced the way of thinking sound as material and its plasticity. A few relicts of her life and work give a vague impression of the wavering world of this artist.

Mission __________

I want to bring more light into this fascinating universe, exploring the materiality of associated sounds and their originating sources and objects. How strong do these sounds depend on their context? How does a change of this context or environment influence the meaning and impact of acoustic events? Is there something like a neutral, basic sound that re-appears after an interruption, after an unpredictable impulse, etc. or after the disappearance of this soundartist? What has she heard what we can still hear today, and what has she heard that has almost faded out and left our acoustic sphere?
The quest on the tracks of Barbosa Martinez in the ********* area should give us some answers to this important issues.

Methods __________

The concept of establishing a fake persona like Ana Clara Barbosa Martinez opens new possibilities for my potential mission for ********. She is like the spirit or representative of the whole region. Digging in the historical bubble of A.C.B.M., documenting and presenting my progress and results will build up a coherent aura. People will be invited to dive into this esfera applied to the residency region. This adventurous and joyful approach could change the way people experience their environment, as an extension of the vida cotidiana.
I hope I can leave something like a little monument of evidence making A.C.B.M. immortal. The sonic boom in the fields of contemporary art and research needs a continuum.

Work plan __________

rough online scanning of the region to capture/record terrain, structures, axes, density, etc.;
collecting impressions for the aura of my work (before arriving on site);
adjusting my virtual vision to the real, physical world of the residential zone;
making tours in the area - identifying and marking points/objects of interest associated to B.M.;
leading/making guided tours through the world of A.C.B.M.;
leaving new traces by myself/ourselves

Ambience __________

The house where the artist lived for 3 years

One of Barbosa Martinez's favorite spots to meditate...

Ana Clara Barbosa Martinez setting up a soundinstallation

Small arena in Resende where B.M. played an acoustic set in 2014

Part of a soundinstallation feat. real and virtual singing birds

A self portrait of the artist (ca. 2013)

Collection of material by B.M.